Research Details

There are several projects planned for the next few years on Atopic Dermatitis and Contact/Occupational Dermatitis. A clinical & epidemiological study is currently being undertaken in 42 centers across India. This will encompass various demographic details of AD in various corners of a vast country like India with so much diversity in geography, environment, culture, social structure, food habits, clothes, rituals, and many more. The study is likely to reveal some interesting observations. The study will continue till November 2023 and is expected to generate data of more than 3000 pediatric AD cases. The principal investigator(PI) is Dr. Sandipan Dhar and the study has been designed by Dr. Deepika Pandhi &  Dr. Dipankar Dey supported by Dr. Saumya Panda and Dr. Abir Saraswat. The preparation of MOU between SES and various centers has been carried out by Dr. Ajith K and Dr. Soumya Jagadeeshan.

There are a few more studies in the pipeline for this year (2023).