The Society of Eczema studies (SES) plans to initiate a series of quizzes in accordance with its objectives of generating and sustaining academic interest in the field of eczema.

The SES quizzes will begin in the month of May (the first quiz, SES Quiz-1 is scheduled on May 29) as online events and 2 more quizzes – SES Quiz 2 and 3,in the months of August and November, respectively. The SES Quizzes 1, 2 and 3 will be open for both residents and practising dermatologists. Very attractive prizes will be given to the winners (separately for the residents and the practising dermatologists category). Further, a leader-board will be maintained for the scores ofthe 3 quizzes and 8 winners (4 residents and 4 practising dermatologists) will be chosen for the SES grand finale quiz that will be conducted as a physical event in December.

The SES quizzes will cover the entire spectrumof eczematous disorders and will tease the quizzing spirits of clinicians and academicians alike. The quiz masters of SES Quiz-1 will be Dr Soumya Jagadeesan and Dr Anupam Das. The link and the registration details for SES Quiz 1 will be shared soon.