Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote academic activities in the field of Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis & other types of eczema which will include teaching, training, CMEs, workshops, awareness programs.
  2. Dissemination of awareness and diffusion of knowledge on eczema amongst the general public.
  3. To promote Research and Development in the field of Eczema.
  4. To hold conferences (virtual, physical or hybrid) which will have lectures by experts, promote science and to disseminate useful knowledge amongst colleagues, residents and students.
  5. Publication of periodicals, journals, books and issuance of updated guidelines time to time.
  6. To communicate with other professionals interested and related to the subject of eczema.
  7. To conduct mentorship and fellowship programs for students/residents.
  8. To liaison with other international eczema societies for collaborative work and exchange of knowledge.
  1. To promote academic activities in the field of atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, occupational and environmental dermatitis, including teaching, training, CME programs, workshops, mentorship programs, etc.
  2.  To promote Research and Development in these fields.
  3. Start fellowship in Eczema independently, as well as in collaboration with IEC/SPIN.
  4. Create a platform to capture India specific prevalence, treatment modalities and outcomes in patients of eczema.
  5. Carry out registry of different aspects of eczema and questionnaire-based studies.
  6.  Carry out high quality research work in atopic dermatitis including genetic and molecular level work.
  7. To encourage SES members to regularly publish data in reputed journals.


Any dermatologist, pediatrician, pulmonologist, and internist (Degree, Diploma or DNB) registered with their state medical council shall be eligible for life membership of the Foundation.

  • However, non-dermatologists will be considered as ‘Associate Member’ and won’t have any voting rights.
  • Any dermatology / pediatrician / pulmonologist / internist postgraduate student may become Provisional life member (PLM) for five years.